Software on the Tier3

The Tier3 has access to several versions of software like gcc, root, python, etc. There are the default ones that are installed, but these are often out of date. Instead you should use the ones that come from our direct connection with CERN, a.k.a. cvmfs.

Getting setupATLAS setup

To set these up, you will need to do the following steps. First, add the following lines to your ~/.bashrc (or add them to a setup script that you will always source before working):
export ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE=/cvmfs/
alias setupATLAS='source ${ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE}/user/'
This step requires opening a new terminal to become effective.

Next, call the following command whenever you want access to these libraries:
$ setupATLAS
This will print a menu that should look similar to:
lsetup               lsetup <tool1> [ <tool2> ...] (see lsetup -h):
 lsetup agis          ATLAS Grid Information System
 lsetup asetup        (or asetup) to setup an Athena release
 lsetup atlantis      Atlantis: event display
 lsetup eiclient      Event Index 
 lsetup emi           EMI: grid middleware user interface 
 lsetup ganga         Ganga: job definition and management client
 lsetup lcgenv        lcgenv: setup tools from cvmfs SFT repository
 lsetup panda         Panda: Production ANd Distributed Analysis
 lsetup pod           Proof-on-Demand (obsolete)
 lsetup pyami         pyAMI: ATLAS Metadata Interface python client
 lsetup rcsetup       (or rcSetup) to setup an ASG release
 lsetup root          ROOT data processing framework
 lsetup rucio         distributed data management system client
 lsetup sft           setup tools from SFT repo (use lcgenv instead)
 lsetup xcache        XRootD local proxy cache
 lsetup xrootd        XRootD data access
advancedTools        advanced tools menu
diagnostics          diagnostic tools menu
helpMe               more help
printMenu            show this menu
showVersions         show versions of installed software

Setting up gcc, root, and python

To setup the latest versions of gcc, root, and python used at CERN, run the following command:
$ lsetup root

Setting up different versions than the defaults

If you would like to use a different version of software than the defaults setup by the "lsetup" commands, I recommend running the following command to view them:
$ showVersions | less
This should print out a long list of software, so using less' search command will come in handy.

Just below the software versions, there should be instructions for setting up the software. For instance, to use version gcc472p1_x86_64_slc6 of gcc I would run:
lsetup "gcc gcc472p1_x86_64_slc6"

-- ForrestPhillips - 25 Jun 2018
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