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Create Proper Directories and Files

You must first setup the cmt structure and include the proper files. This explanation was based on
  • Create a top-level directory to do your work $> mkdir SingleTopD3PDMaker
  • Make sub-directories $> mkdir -p SingleTopD3PDMaker/cmthome  SingleTopD3PDMaker/testarea/14.5.0
  • In the cmthome directory make files called requirements and See examples of these files below. Note that these files will have to be edited to match your own directory structure and will have additional differences if you are not running on a CERN computer (see above link).
    • requirements
      # requirements
      set CMTSITE CERN
      set SITEROOT /afs/
      macro ATLAS_DIST_AREA /afs/
      macro ATLAS_TEST_AREA /work/jever/pryan/SingleTopD3PDMaker/testarea
      apply_tag setup
      apply_tag simpleTest
      use AtlasLogin AtlasLogin-* $(ATLAS_DIST_AREA)
      if test "${CMTROOT}" = ""; then
        CMTROOT=/afs/; export CMTROOT
      . ${CMTROOT}/mgr/
      tempfile=`${CMTROOT}/mgr/cmt -quiet build temporary_name`
      if test ! $? = 0 ; then tempfile=/tmp/cmt.$$; fi
      ${CMTROOT}/mgr/cmt setup -sh -pack=cmt_standalone -path=/work/jever/pryan/SingleTopD3PDMaker/cmthome  -no_cleanup $* >${tempfile}; . ${tempfile}
      /bin/rm -f ${tempfile}
      export CVS_RSH=ssh 

cmt Setup

  • $> cd cmthome
  • $> source -tag=14.5.0

Checkout the package

  • $> cd testarea/14.0.5/
  • $> cmt co PhysicsAnalysis/DistributedAnalysis/PandaTools (Panda tools for running on the grid. This gives an error message during checkout that PandaTools not a CMT package and the directory in the web-browsable code is empty.)
  • $> cmt co PhysicsAnalysis/TopPhys/SingleTopDPDMaker (to get the latest version of the code) or
  • $> cmt co -r SingleTopDPDMaker-00-00-XX PhysicsAnalysis/TopPhys/SingleTopDPDMaker (to get version -XX of the code)
  • $> cmt co offline/Reconstruction/egamma/egammaUtils
  • $> cmt co offline/Reconstruction/egamma/egammaInterfaces
  • $> cmt co offline/Reconstruction/Top/TopUtils
  • $> cmt co offline/Reconstruction/Top/TopInputs
  • X
  • $>cmt co -r SingleTopDPDMaker-00-00-14 offline/PhysicsAnalysis/TopPhys/SingleTopDPDMaker
  • $>cmt co -r egammaUtils-00-04-13 offline/Reconstruction/egamma/egammaUtils
  • $>cmt co -r egammaInterfaces-00-00-27 offline/Reconstruction/egamma/egammaInterfaces

Compile in Athena

  • $> cd testarea/14.5.0/offline/PhysicsAnalysis/TopPhys/SingleTopDPDMaker/cmt
  • $> cmt config
  • $> source
  • $> cmt make

-- PatRyan - 22 Jul 2009
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