Where to browse it

How to get it (at Cern)

  • The package from svn
    (with your username istead of sheim)
    svn co $SVNGRP/Institutes/MSU/MSUHighPtElectrons/ExoticDileptonRootAnalysis/ 
  • you will need root, as well, at cern you can get that from afs, p.ex., you will have to link your LD_LIBRARY_PATH to ExoticDileptonRootAnalysis/trunk/lib ...

Where are the samples (at Cern)


How to make lists of samples

Go to macros and and use as explained in the file.

For developers

Things I am changing from Single Top version

  • only three trees left and they have different variables: CollectionTree, EventTree, TruthTree (EventTree with some additional truth info)
  • set GenEventWeight in EventContainer.cpp and EventWeight.cpp to "1" and Electron_pdgId and Muon_pdgId in MCElectron.cpp/MCMuon.cpp to real pdgID * charge
  • change all the other variables in EventTree to their new names, use Staco muons, antikt4h1topo jets and MET_RefFinal as MET for now
  • set Jet_charge to 0 as not available in WZ EventTree

For the trigger

  • I have changed the electron and the muon triggers, cut AND and OR is not working yet, as it contains the other triggers, too.

For truth analysis (to be verified)

  • In the WZ D3PDs there is no extra truth tree, instead in the MC case there are extra truth variables in the physics tree. So if you are planning on writing an analysis in bins, just name both the EventTree and the TruthTree physics.
  • I will also have to fill MCElectron.cpp etc.
  • will also have to slim down the TruthTree

How to add a new variable

  • I am changing the framework such that all branches are switched off by default, and if you need another one you also need to switch in on in AnalysisMain.cpp
    chainEV0 -> SetBranchStatus("El_E",1);
  • uncomment the vector/int/..., the branch, the vector = 0 (if vector) and the SetBranchAddress in the EventTree

If you run the EventSelection over MC, you should add the option -MC, as the Good Runs List shouldn't be applied then

Useful scripts

  • script to figure out which variables out of a certain header file are used in the analysis (caveat: save headerfile with a new ending, hpp.OLD for example, as the search is recursive, or change the script to exclude the header file in the search):

-- SarahHeim - 10 Jun 2010
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