Mailing List Registration

Once you are registered as an ATLAS physicist, you get a user name and password, and can sign up for mailing lists (if there are more restrictions people run into, you should list them here).

You may not automatically be registered for all mailing lists. Some general lists you may want to be on:
  • atlas-gen
  • atlas-phys
  • atlas-current-physicists
  • cern-users (may be assigned by the secretariat)

group-specific lists like
  • hn-atlas-TopPhysicsWG, for the top working group

To register for hypernews lists, you can go to:
  • Here you can register for new hypernews groups or look at previous emails in some group which you may not have joined yet. You will need to be logged in to do this.

  • Go to the webpage above and click on ATLAS. You will be asked to log in and are then returned to this page.
  • Click on "show all groups I am in". This takes you to a search screen where you can see your current groups (including hypernews groups) or search for new groups. I have only been able to register for general lists using Simba2.
  • Search for the group you want to join using names like those above.
  • If you can join, a subscribe button will be listed next to the group. Click this to join.
  • To see all of your groups again, click on the "show all groups I am on" button.

NOTE: Apparently, Simba is migrating to e-Groups. The settings are said to be similar, but users may wish to update this page to include any changes or difficulties encountered with the new system. For information on the migration, see the July 09 ATLAS week talk on information protection and communication (Thursday)


-- JennyHolzbauer - 02 Jun 2009
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