Connecting to MSU CERN meetings

Meetings are held in the high energy teleconference room at MSU. You will need to connect to the MSU CERN equipment and also display slides (this requires a laptop!). This page is designed to give step-by-step instructions to connect using the Polycom equipment.

Step 1: Turn on the equipment
  • Turn on Polycom (power button on polycom remote- the one that sits at an angle on the desk)
  • Turn on the TV (black remote)
  • Tun on projector (gray remote). If you can't find remote, can also ask someone tall to hit the button on the projector

Step 2: Display slides
  • Pull down screen
  • Connect laptop to display cable (VGA), should be near the screen (probably between this and TV screen)
  • Use polycom remote to switch between the two inputs, comp1 and comp2 (there are buttons with these names). comp1 connects to the polycom and comp2 connects directly to display cable.
  • Press Content button (upper right hand corner of poylcom remote) to send laptop display to the screen
  • Adjust resolution to 1024 pixels or less, if nessesary
  • You will want to connect to the conference site ( and save each of the presentations to your desktop, so you can open them with acrobat reader and display in full screen. If you don't save them, you may have problems getting a full screen display

Step 3: Connect to conference
  • Use the polycom remote to select the number you want to call (try the CERN MSU 32-2-B03 number)
  • If this doesn't work, 88MSUHEP may work
  • Otherwise, try IMing Reinhard... (or emailing)
  • Press Content button to send the slides

For additional information, see

-- JennyHolzbauer - 02 Jun 2009
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