How to Access Files on Other Computers

There are several places you may want to run programs. You may want to run on other local computers, computers at CERN, or computers on the tier three.

Old Way

The default way in the past to run things and modify programs using computers other than the one you are currently logged into has been to use ssh. For example:
If this is a local computer, you could also just type
 ssh hx7 
To view programs like xemacs or root, you simply add a -X to the commandline. However, there is quite a large lag when modifying files that you have opened when ssh-ed into a computer using the -X option.

New Way

We have a new program installed called No Machine. What follows is a recipe for using it, at least at CERN. This page should be modified if you find the instructions to be different in other locations:
  • To launch the program, type /usr/NX/bin/nxclient (at msu, it is installed on hx5, so you may have to ssh into hx5 first to run it)
  • If this is your first time, you enter the setup wizard. If you have a previously saved session, it will ask for your password- to modify, hit configure.
The following is for the setup wizard:
  • session-> make up a session name, like tier3 or msucomp
  • host-> this is, from our ssh example, something like
  • leave port alone. I just left the internet setting as the default adsl, but you may want to change this if you know what sort of connection you have
  • Hit next
  • You are probably using Unix, so leave this. By default the computers use gnome, so change KDE to Gnome unless you are using something else (in which case, choose that). Except for the tier3-> I had to use KDE for that
  • The remote desktop will launch with some set size. If you choose all available area, the remote desktop will fill your screen. Choose whatever you like.
  • Hit next
  • Decide if you want a short cut from the desktop. After this, hit next and you are done!
Note that there may be a limit to the number of users, so you could see a warning message related to this

-- JennyHolzbauer - 03 Nov 2009
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