TDAQ shift training

This is an informational page for taking TDAQ shifts at ATLAS point 1. You can take shifts for three different desks:
  1. Run Control
  2. DAQ/HLT
  3. Trigger

1. Requirements

In order to take shifts you need access to the ATLAS control room, for this, you need to:

Take safety courses 1-3 and level 4A

These safety courses can be done online as described in GoingToCern. To see which ones you have already taken, go to EDH, and click on access request, and then click on view access details in HRT. After I did the level 4A safety course it took a day for it to show up in EDH, so keep in mind this could take some time.

Submit a request in EDH for ATLAS_CR, and mention in your note that you want control room access to take shifts

You will need a digital signature for this request. You most likely have not done this before and will need to email Ais support ( and ask for your ais authorization (or signature) password to be reset. When you hit sent on your request in EDH, this is the password you will be prompted to enter.

You have to complete the shift training (see email in Section 4 below) and take some shadow shifts.

You may also want to email the trigger coordinator to tell him you did your shadow shift- only one is required for the TDAQ shifts. At this time, you are required to redo the shift training for every two months you have not taken shifts.

You will also need an account at P1.

To get a Point 1 account, you should emailing the TDAQ run coordinators and sysadmins ( and explaining your situation. With this P1 account you should also be able to access the ATLAS elog. To change your password follow these instructions

4. Email with training information (2009)

The dates for the next TDAQ shifter training sessions are fixed till the end of this year.
Here are your options:
  1. ) 27-28 Aug.
  2. ) 01-02 Oct.
  3. ) 05-06 Nov.
  4. ) 03-04 Dec.

Each training session is still divided in 4 blocks, but the arrangement has changed a bit from the past: we'll have two consecutive mornings (Thursday & Friday), instead of a single full day:
--- Thursday Morning (09:00 - 13:30) at 6-2-024
  1. ) General introduction (obligatory for all) - intro to TDAQ & intro to common shifter matters
  2. ) Run Control desk (optional) ===> NOTE: no registration needed for these two blocks; you'll sign attendance sheets on the spot.

--- Friday Morning (09:00 - 13:30) at salleB or 40-4-C01, depending on the dates.
  1. ) DAQ/HLT desk (optional)
  2. ) Trigger desk (LVL1+HLT) (optional) ===> NOTE: At each session, a max. of 20 people will be trained for each of these two desks. In order to participate, please register and bring a laptop, as explained at the web pages mentioned above. For these two desks you'll walk through the hands-on exercises described on:

You can already schedule your attendance according to the desk which interests you. Recall that in order to take a shift at Point1, you have to have gone through:
a) the relevant blocks of a training session,
b) a hands-on exercise by following the relevant twiki
c) take some "shadow shifts" at Point1, in order to get familiar with the real system and job.

-- SarahHeim - 24 Aug 2009 -- JennyHolzbauer - 30 Oct 2009
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