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You are encouraged to bring a laptop with you to MSU. Please be aware that laptop computers have been stolen from offices in our building, so use security precautions.

Wireless Networking

The MSU Wireless system covers the BPS atrium and adjacent classrooms. The SSIDs are "MSUnet Wireless" and "MSUnet Wireless Guest". The guest network allows users to connect to the network for 24 hours and the connection may be repeated.

To connect to MSUnet Wireless Guest network:

  • Select wireless network SSID "MSUnet Wireless Guest"
  • Try to load a webpage, for example
    • You will be redirected to the login page
    • Accept the Terms of Use and press submit on webpage

To use the "MSUnet Wireless" (non-guest), the BPSPA wireless (in room 1400) or the campus wired network, you need to register your computer. This registration is based on the MAC address of your computer's network adapter, since the wired and wireless adapters are different, they are registered individually. Prior to registration, you will be able to use these networks, but only for some campus connections --- you won't be able to connect to off-campus sites.

To register:

  • Enable the desired network adapter and get a network address using DHCP
  • Open a web browser to
    • Enter MSUnet ID login/password. (User your host's, a conference shared ID, or contact James Koll)
    • Accept the Terms of Use and submit
  • Wait about 2 minutes for registration to complete
  • Restart the network adapter to get a new IP address using DHCP (try rebooting if you are unsure how to do this)

For more detailed instructions see:

Registering your Laptop's wired Ethernet

Unregistered computers may access the MSU network, but can't connect to off-campus network locations. The DHCP servers will give an unregistered laptop an IP number that starts with 35.15., registered computers will get an IP address that starts with 35.10.

Registration requires an MSU NetID, your host or James Koll can register your laptop using their NetID. The registration web page is Registration only needs to be done once (they do expire if the computer isn't used on the network for a few weeks). The registration is based on the MAC address of the Ethernet device; you may want to register both your wired and wireless Ethernet devices.

Printing from a Laptop

Please contact James Koll for help.

Linux Cluster

There is a guest account on the Linux cluster, if you would like to use it, James Koll can set a password for you.

We can create an account on the Linux cluster for you if this fits your needs.

For information on getting started with the Linux cluster, see HepLinuxNewUser.

-- JamesKoll - 15 May 2014
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