Winter 2011, working to update nodes to a consistent 32 or 64 bit Scientific Linux 5.5. The nodes are built using "Cobbler". A configuration management system will be added to the nodes. The goal here is to provide a consistent user environment on cluster nodes.

Dell Precision Workstations

In 2009 Dell Precision t3500 workstations were purchased to add to the cluster. These nodes have quad-core Intel CPUs and 6GB of RAM. In 2010 additional nodes of similar spec (slightly higher CPU clock speed) were added. These nodes are installed with 64bit Scientific Linux 5.4 or 5.5. So far these nodes have been reliable and provide good performance.

The nodes are:

  • hx13 - hx17 (5 nodes, 2.67 GHz CPUs, SL5.4)
  • hx18 - hx22 (5 nodes, 3.0 GHz CPUs, SL5.5, built using Cobbler)
  • ht23 (3.0 GHz CPU, SL5.5, built using Cobbler)

For more information about this hardware see DesktopRecommendation


The server hep4 has a 15 drive RAID6 array with 8.9TB of space. It is available at /work/raida.

-- TomRockwell - 24 Feb 2011
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