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An account on the MSU HEP group's desktop Linux cluster has been created for your use.


Your usage of the cluster must conform with MSU's acceptible use statement


The cluster is a multiple user system intended for nonconfidential uses such as physics research, as such, privacy is not guaranteed to users. Users' activity on the cluster may be recorded or monitored.

Users should not store confidential information on the system. This includes private email, records containing personal information, banking information (credit card receipts, or documents containing account numbers), MSU student grading information, MSU student information (files linking students' names and PIDs for instance).


Change the initial password the first time you login.

It is very important for the security of the cluster that all users choose strong passwords. Never use the same password for more than one account. Choose passwords that are not dictionary words and that have mixes of different character types: lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols. To test the strength of a password, you can use online testers such as (don't enter your exact password!).

To change your password, run the command "kpasswd".

# kpasswd
Password for 
Enter new password: 
Enter it again: 
Password changed.

The cluster uses the Kerberos system for managing passwords, once you have run kpasswd successfully, your new password is immediately active for all cluster logins.

Available Hosts

You can login to any of the hosts on the cluster. Available hosts include, and


Receiving email is not supported on the cluster. Users should not use the cluster for receiving email. Never use an address such as where nodename is one of the HEP Linux cluster nodes.

You may use an email client such as Thunderbird on the cluster to access your email on an email server via IMAP. For instance, use Thunderbird to access your or email account.

.forward file: please set a forwarding address so that if email does arrive for you on the cluster, it will be forwarded to a proper email address.

This file is placed in your home directory:

# cat ~/.forward

This indicates that my email is forwarded to my account.

Disk Usage

Please maintain your home area below 2 GB of disk usage. Storing significant amount of non-work data is not allowed.

For more information see




For help with any problems or questions you have with the clsuter, contact Tom Rockwell or phone extension 2140 in room BPS 2150.

-- TomRockwell - 28 Oct 2005
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