HEP Webspace

We run a web server for the group at http://hep.pa.msu.edu/

Personal pages

We don't enable this by default for all users, you must request that this be enabled for your account. Contact Tom.

Users may create personal pages that will be located at http://hep.pa.msu.edu/people/[username]/. The alternate URLs http://hep.pa.msu.edu/~[username]/ and http://hep.pa.msu.edu/[username] will be redirected to the first one.

The directory public_html in your home area on the cluster will hold the files for your web space.

Remember that the web server needs to be able to read the files from your public_html directory in order to serve them on the web. The web server runs a non-privileged user, so you must set the read permission for other users on the files you want available on the web.

You can do:

chmod o+r filename

to enable other users (and the web server) to read the file.

-- TomRockwell - 24 Jan 2007
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