Several machines on the cluster have CD-RW drives and may be used for burning CDs. The program cdrecord is configured to allow users to burn CDs. Cdrecord is a command-line tool, but there are also GUI frontends for it (such as?).

The nodes that are enabled for CD burning include: hx1, hx2, hx4, sasha, saturn. Senna has a DVD-RW. Note that these machines have the proper default options for cdrecord set; the user doesn't need to specify the CD device using the -dev option to cdrecord.

To burn an ISO image to CD, on one of the enabled nodes, do the following:

  • login to the node (can be a remote connection, if no one else is logged in at the console)
  • put disk in drive
  • run cdrecord command

An example cdrecord command is:

cdrecord -dao file.iso

To blank a CD-RW disk, do:

cdrecord -blank=all

you can also use -blank=fast and also the -force option.

Admin Notes

cdrecord is setup with setuid. The file /etc/cdrecord.conf should be setup as follows:

root# chmod u+s /usr/bin/cdrecord
root# cat /etc/cdrecord.conf
# devicename    device  speed   fifosize driveropts
cdrom=          4,0,0   -1      -1       burnfree

-- TomRockwell - 27 Sep 2005
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