There are three printers in room BPS 3214a, each is configured on the Linux cluster. Additionally, the large HP "CAPA" printer in the department mail room BPS 1402 is configured.

CUPS Queue Location Description Dept. UNIX Queue Windows Queue IP / Status
hep_lj BPS 3214a HP 4100 B+W Laser bps3214a 3214A_4100PS hplj-bps-3214a
hep_lj_duplex BPS 3214a hep_lj double-sided (default queue) bps3214a_2    
hep_tek BPS 3214a Tektronix Color Laser hep-tek 3214A_TEK840 hep-tek
bpsclj BPS 1402 Department Color Laser bpsclj 1402_8550_PS hplj-bps-1402
hpljcapa BPS 1402 Department B+W Laser hpljcapa 1402_8000_PS hpljcapa

CUPS command line

List available print queues:

lpstat -a

List default printer:

lpstat -d

Print to default printer:


Print to a specified queue:



The kprinter application is a very easy to use graphical printer utility. It can be used from both KDE and Gnome desktops.

Kprinter will also save output in PostScript or PDF format to a file. This serves as any easy way to generate PDF output.

Kprinter is launched from the KDE menu or with the command kprinter. You may specify one or more files to print on the command line when launching kprinter.

Kprinter should be set to use the CUPS print system. Select CUPS in the menu as indicated in the picture below (if the bottom of this window is not exposed, press the option button at the lower left).

Then you can select the printer to use; options including duplexing, multi-pages per sheet, etc. may be set.


Using kprinter from other applications

For applications that you print from, you can specify kprinter as the print command in place of the usual lpr. Kprinter will then serve as a GUI print dialog for the application.

Canceling jobs

The command lprm can be used to cancel print jobs, however CUPS usually only takes a short time to send jobs off the printer, after which they can't be canceld from the queue. Canceling a job using the buttons on the printer will kill it and CUPS will not resend the job to the printer.


Some commands for (re-)formatting documents for output.

Convert A4 document to letter paper:

psresize -Pa4 -pletter

Add binding margins for a document that will be printed duplex. This adds the margin on the left of odd number pages and the right of even number pages. Useful when printing a large document that will be bound. Shift page 1.25cm away from binding margin, note that this consumes margin on the outside of sheet:

pstops '2:0(1.25cm,0cm),1(-1.25cm,0cm)'

You can make the printed area smaller inorder to preserve margins, this also scales the printed area by .95:

pstops '2:0@.95(1.25cm,0cm),1@.95(-1.25cm,0cm)'

Change a file to 2-up

psnup -2 -pletter

Format plain text to postscript for better readability; use enscript or a2ps.


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