I've installed the 10.5 release over 10.4 on an Intel 32bit core duo macbook with 2GB of RAM.

I've updated to 10.5.2 (this was a large ~375MB download).

Generally, it seems nice, performance (perceived GUI response) is good, perhaps better that 10.4 was.


Leopard uses an X11 based off the Xorg 7.2 release. This newer code-base is said to be better internally, but it has some bugs and missing features that weren't a problem with the older xfree86 code base.

There are some problems, particularly with X11, which is important to me as much of my work requires accessing Linux machines.

The worst issue is that there is no way to cut and paste in X11 on a laptop keyboard. The center mouse button click emulation is missing, so you have to plug in a USB wheel mouse to cut and paste. This is bad. I'm considering downgrading to the old X11 setup to work around this.

There is also a problem with applications starting multiple X11 servers, the nomachine client does this. Each time you start it, it thinks that X is not running and so starts another X server.

See http://aaroniba.net/articles/x11-leopard.html for downgrade instructions.

My X11 "Fix"

I ended up needing to reinstall X11 to get things cleaned up after the 10.4 to 10.5 upgrade. See directions in the FAQ at macosxhints above.

I also needed to delete X11 from applications folder. Also, try using locate or whatever to find other X11 files.

After installing X11 and X11SDK from Leopard CD, then the latest XQuartz http://trac.macosforge.org/projects/xquartz things are better, still no fix for middle mouse button (pasting).

Use XQuartz Release

Given the situation with missing features and bug fixes being added, seems that keeping up with the XQuartz releases is a good idea. June 1, 2008, have OSX 10.5.2 and XQuartz 2.2.1.


-- TomRockwell - 20 Feb 2008
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