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This article is about a specific neural network analysis, and is not a general neural network article.

Running it on the HEP Linux cluster

I've made an area /work/hx4/d0/jorge-nn that has the software and datasets (a.k.a. skimfiles). Other users should copy the software to their own location before running it (you can use the datasets from where they are).

Make your area

Make a private copy of the code for your use, replace yourdir with whatever you want:

mkdir yourdir
cd yourdir
cp /work/hx4/d0/jorge-nn/nn/* .

You now have files such as mlpSingleTop.C in yourdir.

Running root

Setup Root:

source the proper setup script, either .sh or .csh version based on your shell.

source /cern/root/v5.08.00/

Start Root:

You should be in yourdir from above, then do:


Start root with hidden X display

if you'd like to run root without seeing the graphical output (for instance to use in a batch job), note that this is different that starting with the -b option (verify this...) do the following, note that you don't see the splash screen at startup...:

Xvfb :5 &
export DISPLAY=:5

When done with this weird mode, stop the Xvfb:

skill -KILL Xvfb

Notes: if you never get the root prompt, check that Xvfb is running; to get your DISPLAY back, change DISPLAY variable back to what it was (hope you remembered it :-O) logout and login again is you can't get the regular display back.

Run script:

At the root prompt (looks like root [0]) do:

This is an example that just shows it runs, this won't produce useful output...

.L mlpSingleTop.C
mlpSingleTopSave(10,"/work/hx4/d0/jorge-nn/skimfiles/sch_skim_2000.root", "/work/hx4/d0/jorge-nn/skimfiles/tch_skim_5000.root");

To run over more events, select the skimfiles with lower skip values (1-over the skip value is the fraction of input events that made it into the skimfile...):

.L mlpSingleTop.C
mlpSingleTopSave(10,"/work/hx4/d0/jorge-nn/skimfiles/sch_skim_200.root", "/work/hx4/d0/jorge-nn/skimfiles/tch_skim_500.root");

-- TomRockwell - 24 Feb 2006

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