A CVS repository is available for personal and workgroup use on the MSUHEP Linux Cluster. The location is /opt/cvsroot. Local and remote access is allowed for cluster users. This article provides user instructions.

Projects are created as directories below /opt/cvsroot. The list of users who can write to the project is controlled by normal UNIX file permissions. Normally a group will be created on the systems that lists all users for a given project. Email to have this configured for a new project.

Remote access is supported for cluster users via SSH. There is no anonymous access.

Documentation Resources

  • /usr/share/doc/cvs-[version] documentation included with cvs
  • cvs man pages - "man cvs"
  • cvsdocs directory in the cvs repository - see below for an example of checking it out

Shell Setup

For local access (when logged into a machine on the cluster), set your CVSROOT environment variable to /opt/cvsroot.

In bash shell:

export CVSROOT=/opt/cvsroot

In tcsh shell:

setenv CVSROOT /opt/cvsroot

For remote access via ssh, set CVSROOT and CVS_RSH environment variables as follows:

In bash shell:

export CVS_RSH=ssh

In tcsh shell:

setenv CVSROOT
setenv CVS_RSH ssh


Checkout the documentation

Some general documentation and local usage notes are in the cvsdocs directory. To check them out, do the environment setup above, then give the command:

cvs co cvsdocs

A directory cvsdocs will be created below your current directory.

Import a Directory

This process is used for the initial creation and population of a directory in the repository. First do the environment setup, then change directory to your working directory, then use the cvs import command, specifying a useful message or comment, the new repository location to create, the vendor (your name) and a string to be used as the tag.

cd working_dir
cvs import -m "message/comment text" onetop/st_nlo_paper cao start


This will create the diretory onetop/st_nlo_paper in your current directory.

cvs co onetop/st_nlo_paper

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