There are two queues available to users on the system. They are named user and userhigh. The user queue is setup to get about 1/2 of the cluster resources when SAMGrid jobs are running. The user-high queue has a higher priority but is limited to 4 running jobs and is intended for testing purposes. Please only use the user-high queue when really needed for testing or other situations when quick turn around is vital.


I'll add some help info here, for now, try the command showq which lists running and queued jobs with queued jobs ordered by Maui's priority. Also try checkjob <jobid> which will give you Maui's info on the job including priority, and why it hasn't yet started.

Upcoming Changes

Will work on fair share between users, so that if user Sally has filled the queue, user Betty can still get some jobs started.

-- TomRockwell - 13 Jul 2006
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