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July 2006, we are having troubles using Polycoms with VRVS. A work around is to disable the gatekeeper in Polycom configuration (this requires administrator intervention) and then to tell VRVS application to connect without the gatekeeper and supply the IP address of Polycom.

I can assist you with starting a meeting using this setup, please allow 5 minutes to get it going as it requires a reboot of the Polycom.


The Polycom units work very well as VRVS clients. Initiate the session by logging into your VRVS account using a computer/web browser, then configure the H.323 client settings as shown below, finally press "Connect" button the main tab of VRVS. The VRVS system will call into the Polycom (the Polycom will accept this call) and the connection is established.

Audio and Video performance is good using this setup; the Polycom's nice camera and audio echo cancellation work better than typical PC cameras and microphones.

FireFox on the MAC seems to have a problem showing the tabs on the config page. Either try "refresh" (not reload) or use the Safari browser.

The "Client Setup" settings for the system in BPS 3239 (large room) are:

Parameter Setting
Client Type H.323
Host IP/Alias 201229
Bandwidth 768
Frame Rate 12/16

For the system in 3214, the IP Alias is 201333. Any of the bandwidth and frame rate settings should work, this is just specifiying the limit of the hardware, not the actual rates for the connection. Note that the gatekeeper's IP number is (circa Jan 2005). You can use either the IP name or the IP number.


-- TomRockwell - 11 Jan 2006
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