Daily Log

Next Day's Goals

  • Finish Homework 1
  • Finish project given by Tolga (start around entry 20 but recheck prior entries for errors)

Homework Location

ROOT Notes

  • ".q" to quit out of ROOT
  • "root" to start ROOT
  • Most likely won't need but good to have

"Sensitivity of the high altitude water Cherenkov detector to sources of multi-TeV gamma rays" notes

  • Cut means we are imposing an upper bound, lower bound, or removing unwanted information on the collected data
  • sr is steradian which is the measurement of a solid angle. There are 4*pi (~12.5664) steradians in a complete sphere
  • Crab is a unit based of the flux density of the Crab nebula. Comprised of "erg / cm^2 / s"

"Construction of the HAWC Gamma-Ray Observatory" notes

  • VHE - very high energy
  • GRB - gamma ray burst
  • IACT - Imaging Atmospheric/Air Cherenkov Telescope/Technique
  • Anisotropy is the property of being directionally dependent, as opposed to isotropy, which implies identical properties in all directions

Tolga stuff

Senior Thesis

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