How to Edit HAWCmon Measurement Types

To change any information regarding the Measurement Types (such as the Type id, Measurement name, Type, Data type, Units, Sensor id, Warning lower, Warning upper, Alarm lower or Alarm upper), you will need to access the official HAWC Experiment Monitoring website, which is the University of Maryland's (UMD) HAWCmon. Please note there are two HAWCmon sites, one at MSU and one at UMD. These changes can only be made from the UMD site.

The HAWCmon website is private, so you will need a HAWC internal user account created for you. An additional Admin username and password is also required to make any changes to the existing HAWCmon site. Once you have both of these and are already logged in, you can edit the Measurement Types here.

Or, from the home page of the HAWC internal website, click on the "Hawcmon" tab at the top. From there, you will be taken to the home page of the UMD HAWCmon site, called the Dashboard. Select "Admin Page" in the lower right hand corner, then select "Measurement_types" or the "Change" button beside it (both will take you to the same page). You should then be able to see all of the measurements displayed in the HAWCmon website. From here, you can scroll/page through to the measurement(s) you need to edit.

Things to Remember:
  • You may not be required to change the data in all 10 columns of the Measurement Type. Be sure you know exactly what columns will be changed, and what columns need to stay the same.
  • If you are given two (or more) sources that contain the measurement data you are updating, it's a good idea to cross check the data to make sure there are not any discrepancies. If you do notice different values reported for the same measurement, document it and let someone know right away.
  • To edit any of the columns for a particular measurement type, click the type id number to begin.
  • If you will be editing a large number of entries, consider creating a table first in order to stay organized and to also double check your work (example)
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