How to Edit the HAWCmon Shift Wizard

There are 2 HAWCmon (HAWC monitoring) websites. Both websites are private, so a username and password are required to access them. Once a HAWC Internal User account has been created for you, these 2 websites can be accessed through the HAWC Internal website found here:

From this main page listed above, there is a HAWC Media Wiki icon that will take you to the HAWCWiki main page. Below the yellow box entitled "Working Groups", you will see 2 HAWCmon links under "HAWC Detector", for UMD and for MSU. These are the 2 HAWCmon websites.

The main website is the University of Maryland's at the following link:

and the back-up website is Michigan State University's at this link:

The Shift Wizard tab will display along the top of the main page of either HAWCmon, which is called the Dashboard.

It is important to note that all testing should be done on the MSU website only. Also note that an Admin username and password are required to make changes to existing Shift Wizard questions.

To edit the Shift Wizard questions temporarily:
  • Go to "Shift Wizard" tab on the MSU HAWCmon Dashboard, then select the "Admin Page" tab at bottom right.
  • Log in with your Admin username and password (this is not your HAWC Internal username and password)
  • Select "Change" or simply click on the Shift Wizard link
  • The current list of Shift Wizard questions will display
  • From this page, you can select the "Question id" on the left of the questions to edit them, or select "Add shift_wizard_questions" in the top right to add additional questions
To edit Shift Wizard questions permanently:
  • Go to "Shift Wizard" tab on the UMD HAWCmon Dashboard, then select the "Admin Page" tab at bottom right.
  • Follow above steps
When making any changes to the Shift Wizard questions on either website, note:
  • Only one shift link can be implemented in the "Shift Link" box, and it must be a link to a specific plot (not the page where the plot can be found, but the plot's URL itself). Otherwise, it will not display anything, nor will it be accessible to the shifter
  • Only one link can go in the "Links" box. If you enter more than one, the "Click Me" link in the Shift Wizard will attempt to send shifters to a URL that does not exist (a URL that is the combination of the links entered)
  • Select the "Enable" box at the bottom left, enter a question number and click save
  • The questions will not display on the Shift Wizard unless they are numbered in sequential order
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