HV Measurements

Once you are at the Admin Page (button at bottom-right) of the University of Maryland's (UMD's) HAWCmon website, and you have selected "Measurement_types", the HV measurements are from "Type id" 420 to 547 (the numbers in the far left column are the "Type id" numbers). Click on the "Type id" of the measurement you wish to edit. Make sure you know what information about that measurement you need to change and what you need to change it too. Information regarding the current naming scheme can be found below, as well as how the current "Warning" and "Alarm" values were obtained.

You can also use a shortcut on the UMD website to edit the HV Measurements. If you start at the University of Maryland's (UMD's) HAWCmon and click on the link at the bottom of the page labeled "High Voltage Measurements", you will be taken to the hawcmon HV page. From there, you can click on the "modify" link next to each value, and it will direct you to the admin page for that value. Make sure that you change the name for both the voltage and the current, as these have different modify links. I found this to be a faster and less confusing method of editing the HV measurements.

"Measurement Name" vs. "Measurement Type"

The naming scheme for the HV measurements can seem complicated at first, but once the "Measurement Name" is broken down, renaming it is quite simple. The "Measurement Name" for the HV measurements are of the form hv-1_u0_v and hv-1_u0_c. A breakdown of these names are as follows:
  • The hv-1 refers to the Wiener HV Crate number (there is only 1 crate currently, thus each HV "Measurement Name" has hv-1). Each crate contains several modules that each have 32 channels.
  • The u100, u101, ... values refer to the channel number (there are currently only 2 HV modules, thus u100 - u131 refer to channels 101 - 132 and u300 - u331 refer to channels 301 - 332). This may seem confusing because the Wiener software names the 32 channels in a module in such a way that the first channel is channel 0 and the last is 31. Yet, in the user interface, the channels are numbered 1 - 32. Because the people working in the counting house will most often be using the user interface and not the software, the naming scheme of channels 1 - 32 is used for the HAWCmon "Measurement Type" names.
  • The v or c refers to whether it is a voltage (in volts, V) or current (in Amps, A) measurement respectively.
There are 5 modules of measurement values, ranging from 101-132, 301-332, and so forth for the 500s, 700s, and 900s.

In addition to channel number, each "Measurement Type" name also has the tanks that the channel is connected to. In order to locate this information, you must visit either the Electronics Configuration page or Josh's monitoring webpage. If you choose the former, you will be looking at "FEB Crate 1 Mapping" for the first HV module (i.e. channels 101 - 132) and "FEB Crate 2 Mapping" for the second (i.e. channels 301 - 332), and so forth for the other modules except that the 900s are distributed among The other 4, rather than having its own table; the latter website, however, is much easier to look at, at least for the HV measurements (as it displays all of the same information in a clearer, more spread-out fashion), and you merely scroll down to the table labeled "Wiener HV". The naming schemes currently applied to the HV "Measurement Type" names are of the forms W1, Tanks N11, O11 for the first module and W101, Tanks T10, U10 for the second module, where the W1 and 101 refer to the channel numbers and obviously N11, )11, T20, and U10 refer to the tanks those channels are connected to (all the information in these names can be obtained either from the Electronics Configuration page or Josh's page).

Warning and Alarm Values

Also from the Electronic Configuration page or Josh's page, the "Warning lower" voltage (not current) values correspond to the "set voltage" and can be set. On the Electronic Configuration page, these values are in the "HV (top)" and "HV (bottom)" rows, for odd and even channels respectively, of the FEB Crate 2 Mapping and FEB Crate 3 Mapping tables. On Josh's page these values are in the "Set Voltage" column. As for alarm levels, all "Alarm lower" values for both voltage and current type measurements were set to 0 for the time being. Temporarily, all "Warning upper" and "Alarm upper" values are unconfirmed and are pending the acquisition of the actual values from the experts.
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