List of Log Entries for Jenn Ranta:

Week 1: Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: Week 5:
\x95 June 2nd, 2014 ....... \x95 June 9th, 2014 \x95 June 16th, 2014 ....... \x95 June 23rd, 2014 ....... \x95 June 30th, 2014 .......
\x95 June 3rd, 2014 \x95 June 10th, 2014 \x95 June 17th, 2014 \x95 June 24th, 2014 \x95 July 1st, 2014
\x95 June 4th, 2014 \x95 June 11th, 2014 \x95 June 18th, 2014 \x95 June 25th, 2014 \x95 July 2nd, 2014
\x95 June 5th, 2014 \x95 June 12th, 2014 ....... \x95 June 19th, 2014 \x95 June 26th, 2014 \x95 July 3rd, 2014
\x95 June 6th, 2014 \x95 June 13th, 2014 \x95 June 20th, 2014 \x95 June 27th, 2014 \x95 July 4th, 2014
Week 6: Week 7: Week 8: Week 9: Week 10:
\x95 July 7th, 2014 \x95 July 14th, 2014 \x95 July 21st, 2014 \x95 July 28th, 2014 \x95 August 4th, 2014
\x95 July 8th, 2014 \x95 July 15th, 2014 \x95 July 22nd, 2014 ....... \x95 July 29th, 2014 \x95 August 5th, 2014 .......
\x95 July 9th, 2014 \x95 July 16th, 2014 \x95 July 23rd, 2014 \x95 July 30th, 2014 \x95 August 6th, 2014
\x95 July 10th, 2014 ....... \x95 July 17th, 2014 ....... \x95 July 24th, 2014 \x95 July 31st, 2014 \x95 August 7th, 2014
\x95 July 11th, 2014 \x95 July 18th, 2014 \x95 July 25th, 2014 \x95 August 1st, 2014 ....... \x95 August 8th, 2014

June 2nd, 2014: Background Reading

Articles or Papers Read:

June 3rd, 2014: Looking at HAWC Websites

Tasks Performed:
  • Received HAWC internal page IDs, thus logged in and began familiarization with the site
  • Attend Primordial Black Hole (PBH) Meeting
  • Meeting to present REU student task log and discuss it with group
  • Read each of pages on the public HAWC wiki
  • Read/look over the Milagro and HAWC shift guides

June 4th, 2014: Preliminary List of Shift Wizard Questions

  • Receive and look over a list of Event Display Tasks
  • Look over Sam's Energy Reconstruction talk from Sep. 2013
  • Read each page of the MSU HAWC wiki
  • Create the following lists:

Overlapping Shift Checks for Milagro and HAWC:
  • High Voltage status & history
  • Temperature and pressure measurements (EMS status)
  • Water levels
  • Scaler DAQ rates
  • Archive/disk space status
  • Check for recent events (GRBs in HAWC's case)
  • Local Weather

Other HAWC Shift Guide/Checklist items:
  • Check HAWCmon
  • TDC DAQ rates
  • Start/stop runs (checking for GRBs beforehand)
  • Check Scalar DAQ LNE is running properly
  • Low voltage status
  • Check rates for both 8" and 10" PMTs
  • Full EMS status (temp/pressure/humidity)
  • Water filtration system check?
  • Status of crates

  • Added as a user to HAWC Foswiki
  • Attend Shift Wizard Questions meeting
  • Attend Energy Reconstructor meeting
  • Create the following lists:

HAWC Shift Wizard Questions:

External Links

Things to add/change for the HAWCmon Dashboard:
  • UPS status
  • HVAC status
  • Line Voltage
  • List of bad tubes
  • Weather conditions (rainy/sunny/lighnting/temp/pressure/humidity etc.)
  • Reorganize links at the bottom (sort into group, make more readable)
  • Add more info to the "help" button

June 6th, 2014: Updates

  • Update Foswiki (add attachments, create new entry, etc.)
  • Add new potential HAWC shifter questions, as well as questions from UM and Milagro Shift Guides for reference, to new list (see attachment)
  • Attend group meeting to discuss energy reconstruction techniques as well as general list of tasks to complete
  • Add to list of desired additions to HAWCmon (in new list)

June 9th, 2014: Start of Week 2

  • Add monitoring of GTC to HAWC shifter question list
  • Add link to HAWC construction proposal
  • Continue reading Trevor Weekes' book: Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy
  • Add to relevant Milagro shift questions and add link in HAWC list for UM's monitoring site for average PMT rates
  • Receive account, log in, and change password

June 10th, 2014: Adding Previous User Comments to Shift List

  • Attend PBH meeting and discuss new comments on paper
  • Add information to HAWC question list regarding average PMT (8" and 10"), Scalar, and TDC rates
  • Continue reading Weekes' book: Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy
  • Add the comments/requests of Brenda Dingus, Gus Sinnis, and Ty DeYoung to HAWC shift list

June 11th, 2014: Reading Continued

  • Upload a document with all the comments/requests of Brenda Dingus, Gus Sinnis, and Ty DeYoung (see attachment)
    • Includes technical and monitoring issues that they detected (all of which may or may not still be relevant)
  • Continue reading Weekes' book: Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy

June 12th, 2014: Seminar Day

  • Continue reading Weekes' book: Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy
  • HEP Seminar: "Relic Neutrinos in Cosmology - Prospects of their detection in Nuclear Absorption" by J.D. Vergados (University Ionnina, Greece) - 12:00pm
  • NSCL Seminar: "Travelling Beyond the Neutron Dripline: Di-Neutrons, New Radioactivity and other Surprises" by Professor Artemis Spyrou - 1:00pm
  • BPS Seminar: "Energy" by Professor Wolfgang Bauer - 3:30pm

June 13th, 2014: Revised Shift List and MSU HAWC website Editing

  • Continue reading Weekes' book: Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy
  • Group meeting at 1:00pm:
    • Discuss Sam's energy reconstruction presentation
    • Discuss my HAWC Shift list and get feedback
    • Begin reviewing Krista's HAWC Shift list
  • Make changes to HAWC Shift list based on feedback from meeting and upload the new version of shift questions
  • Meet with Tilan for him to show Sam, Krista, and I how to edit the MSU HAWC website
  • Go to the proper directory in to access MSU HAWC website files (to ensure no assistance will be needed in the future)
  • Copy a Milagro paper over to the MSU HAWC website directory milagro_papers

June 16th, 2014: Finding Out What's Next

  • Create/edit link on MSU HAWC Milagro Papers site so that link to recently added Milagro paper works properly (was not before)
  • Continue reading Weekes' book: Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy
  • Meet with Krista and Dr. Tollefson to discuss what we had done last week when she was not here and to discuss our next tasks
  • Group meeting to go over/comment on see Sam's presentation

June 17th, 2014: Consolidating Shifter Lists

  • Meet with Krista to combine our HAWC shifter questions lists and edit lists accordingly
  • Attend PBH meeting
  • Meet with Krista again to compare our new, consolidated/combined lists and upload my newest list here
  • Continue reading Weekes' book: Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy
  • Receive login information to edit HAWCmon and Shift Wizard

June 18th, 2014: Adding to the Shift Wizard

  • Continue reading Weekes' book: Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy
  • Meet with Dr. Tollefson and Krista about our next tasks to complete
  • Begin entering shifter questions into MSU HAWcmon site as a test before entering them into the UMD HAWCmon site
  • Create HAWC wiki page where Krista will describe the process of editing the HAWC Shift Wizard
  • Create HAWC wiki page where I will describe the process of editing the MSU HAWC Website
    • Add instructions on this page for how to access the MSU HAWC website files and how to edit them

June 19th, 2014: Editing and Reading

  • Add instructions to the Editing the MSU HAWC Website wiki page for how to upload a file and to add links to those files and to other websites
  • Continue reading Weekes' book: Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy
  • Begin looking at ROOT tutorial
  • BPS Seminar: "HAWC - A Gamma-Ray Observatory" by Professor Kirsten Tollefson - 3:30pm

June 20th, 2014: Preparing for Collaboration Meeting

  • Continue reading Weekes' book: Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy
  • Group Meeting: Discuss shifter questions, my upcoming tasks, and PBH paper changes - 10:30am
  • Edit shifter list based on suggestions expressed in the meeting
  • Receive and read GeV -TeV Pulsar Paper
  • Send notes regarding suggestions for the aforementioned paper

June 23rd, 2014: Visitors

  • Look at changes made to HAWCmon and create a practice shift report
  • Activities with the visiting Notre Dame REU students
    • Welcome Seminar (NSCL Lecture Hall) - 10:30am
    • Tour of MSU Physics (BPS) - 11:30am
    • Lunch with visitors (Gardens between BPS and NSCL)- 12:30pm
    • Ice Cream and Mingling (Dairy Store) - 3:30pm
    • Notre dame students leave - 4:30pm
  • Read article about HAWC that Jane emailed the group
  • Receive information from Tilan regarding how to login in order to access ROOT
  • Briefly begin ROOT tutorial

June 24th, 2014: Finalizing Shift Wizard

  • Look at the shift question list and history added to HAWCmon
    • Create sample reports, check for issues, submit comments.
  • Group meeting to discuss recent changes to the Shift Wizard, address issues, and give suggestions; also, discuss potential GRB projects
  • Make changes to Shift Wizard questions that were discussed in meeting, and wait for "Help" button to be implemented on that page to finish making changes/additions
  • Attach list of items to add the the Shift Wizard Help button in the future. List can be found here or in the attachments below
  • Resume (and finish?) ROOT tutorial

June 25th, 2014: Renaming HV Measurements

  • Rename the HV measurement types for channels 1 - 32 and 101 - 102 (including changing the warning and alarm levels)
  • Make a wiki page titled Editing HAWCmon Measurement Types under Useful Information that will describe how the measurement names were changed (for others to follow in the future) and begin to (for Krista to finish) add general information to this page (see attachment)
  • Begin looking at AERIE tutorial
  • Begin reading Gamma-Ray Bursts

June 26th, 2014: Readings and Review


June 27th, 2014: ROOT Review and Reading


June 30th, 2014: Reading and Editing

  • Continue reading HAWCNest: Design, Philosophy, and Useage by John Pretz
  • Read Milagro Limits and HAWC Sensitivity for the Rate-Density of Evaporating Primordial Black Holes paper
  • Submit comment lists to Tilan for v19 and v20

July 1st, 2014: Changes to the PBH Paper

  • Look at changes made in v20 to the PBH paper
  • PBH meeting to discuss comments on paper from Krista and myself, and also to discuss current issues/objectives in HAWCmon and remote monitoring - 11:30am
  • Continue reading HAWCNest: Design, Philosophy, and Useage by John Pretz
  • Answer the 2 questions (regarding the gyroradius of a proton and the fraction of surviving neutrons from a PBH within range) sent out by Prof. Linnemann

July 2nd, 2014: Reading Data vs. MC HAWC Collaboration Talks

  • Read through Kelly Malone's slides from her talk at the HAWC Collaboration Meeting
  • Finish reading HAWCNest: Design, Philosophy, and Useage by John Pretz
  • Read through Colas' slides from his talk at the HAWC Collaboration Meeting
  • Look at Colas' additional plots
  • Look at README file from Colas' code (found here)

July 3rd, 2014: Meetings and Seminars

  • PBH meeting to discuss paper and Jane's comments - 11:30am
  • Edit MSU HAWC website so that "HAWC Papers" button goes the HAWC Publications page instead
  • Meet and talk with Dr. Megan Donahue to discuss the astronomy department at MSU
  • BPS Seminar: "Quantum Dots" by Dr. John McGuire - 3:30pm

July 4th, 2014: HOLIDAY


July 7th, 2014: Receiving and Reviewing Code

  • Read Time-Dependent Modeling of TeV -Detected, Young Pulsar Wind Nebulae article
  • Begin preparing end-of-the-summer essay (write an introduction section describing the HAWC detector)
  • Look at simple-crab folder (and files within) that Tilan added to mine and Krista's folders

July 8th, 2014: Editing Shift Questions and Checking Connectivity Database

  • Continue looking through AERIE tutorial
  • Meeting to discuss MC/Crab Data comparison and Connectivity Database - 11:00am
  • Edit first two shift questions and add "NO DATA CURRENTLY AVAILABLE" to respective questions
  • Check the first two crates in the Connectivity Database for accuracy by comparing to the Electronics Configuration page
    • Crate 2 has columns under Slot 1- Slot 20 in reverse order (from left to right, not top to bottom)
    • Notify Tilan regarding this discrepancy

July 9th, 2014: Getting Code and UMD Accounts

  • Make sure that the simple-crab code compiles successfully now
  • Attempt to compile/make the mc-plots code from Colas, but still unsuccessful
  • Add HAWC Foswiki pages for the rest of the listed MSU group members and edit Group Members page
  • Send Andy a preferred username for my UMD account
  • Receive UMD account, log in, and change password. Follow Andy's instructions for accessing files

July 10th, 2014: Meetings

  • REU group lunch - 11:30am to 1:00pm
  • Meeting with Dr. Tollefson and Tilan regarding potential project of looking for GRBs in the HAWC TDC data - 1:30pm to 2:00pm
  • Mentor Meeting - 2:00pm to 2:55pm
  • BPS Seminar: "Global Energy Problems and Nuclear Power" by Dr. Wolfgang Mittig - 3:30pm to 4:45pm

July 11th, 2014: Review

  • Review Gamma-Ray Bursts paper previously sent out by Tilan
  • Review Colas' slides from his talk at the UMD Collaboration meeting
  • Review Kelly's simple-crab code
  • Meeting with Dr. Tollefson and Tilan regarding ongoing/upcoming projects - 2:20pm to 4:20pm

July 14th, 2014: Connectivity Database

  • Email Tilan to see if I can begin entering PMT --> FEB connections into the Connectivity Database in HAWCmon
  • Upon Tilan's approval, begin entering the aforementioned connections into the UMD HAWCmon Connectivity Database. Complete all listed FEB Crate 1 PMT connections (Slots 1 - 20 = 320 connections entered)
  • Update the HV Measurement names for channels W31 and W32, as their respective tanks were added to the Electronics Configuration page
  • Continue entering PMT connections into the Connectivity Database for FEB Crate 2 (Slots 12 - 20 = 144 connections entered)
  • Today's Total: 464 PMT --> FEB connections entered

July 15th, 2014: Connectivity Database Continued

  • Finish entering FEB Crate 2 PMT connections to FEB Crate 2 into the Connectivity Database (Slots 2 - 11 = 160 connections entered)
  • Update the HV Measurement names for channels W121 - W132, as their respective tanks were added to the Electronics Configuration page
    • Also, change channel names from 101 - 132 to W101 - W132 and edit the HV Measurements wiki page to include this
  • PBH Meeting - 11:30am
  • Begin entering FEB Crate 3 PMT connections into the Connectivity Database (Slots 12 - 20 = 144 connections entered)
  • Today's Total: 304 PMT --> FEB connections entered

July 16th, 2014: Finish Connectivity Database

  • Finish entering FEB Crate 3 PMT connections into the Connectivity Database (Slots 5 - 11 = 112 connections entered)
  • Enter all FEB Crate 4 PMT connections into the Connectivity Database (Slots 1 - 20 = 320 connections entered)
  • Begin to add information regarding how to input connections into the Connectivity Database/Table to wiki page
  • Today's Total: 432 PMT --> FEB connections entered

July 17th, 2014: Connectivity Database Errors and Wiki


July 18th, 2014: Meetings

  • Meeting with Dr. Linnemann, Sam, and Krista regarding the content that can currently be written into our end-of-summer papers - 11:30am
  • Continue working on end-of-summer paper summarizing my completed tasks within the project
  • Group meeting - 2:00 to 3:50pm

July 21st, 2014: Searching for Code

  • Confirm with Tilan to ask Dr. Tollefson when she returns about the M8, M9 versus L8, L9 discrepancy on the Electronics Configuration page
  • With Sam and Tilan, attempt to locate Colas' code
  • Continue working on end-of-summer paper summarizing my completed tasks within the project

July 22nd, 2014: Getting Code

  • Continue working on end-of-summer paper summarizing my completed tasks within the project
  • PBH Meeting: discuss reviewers' comments - 11:30am
  • Sift through prior emails to locate Colas' code, potentially found correct code in his sandbox
  • Look over Colas' README file regarding the code he sent the link to previously (code found here)
  • Copy over Colas' code from svn into my UMD account
  • Email Sam regarding the code I found; he says he can write a ROOT program to help with finding correlations/comparisons rather than just 1D distributions

July 23rd, 2014: Summarizing Summer Tasks

  • Continue working on end-of-summer paper summarizing my completed tasks within the project
  • REU Group Lunch - 11:30am
  • Notice and fix one shift wizard question in which the plots was not displaying as it should
  • Receive "Calculation to Try" from Dr. Linnemann regarding finding the mass loss/accretion rate for PBHs

July 24th, 2014: FIELD TRIP


July 25th, 2014: A Calculation to Try

  • BPS Seminar: "Accelerators and Particle Beams" by Dr. Michael Syphers - 10:00am
  • Continue working on end-of-summer paper summarizing my completed tasks within the project
  • Continue to work on Dr. Linnemann's "calculation to try" regarding mass loss rate for PBHs
    • Mass accretion rate calculated (using Bondi accretion rate formula) to be of order 10^-29 g/s to 10^-34 g/s depending on input parameters such as mass of PBH being either 10^13 g or
      10^14 g, the density of the interstellar medium (used here as 10^-24 g/ cm^3, i.e. one proton per cubic centimeter), as well as the velocity of dark matter in the interstellar medium as either 30 km/s or 300 km/s
  • Group meeting to discuss progress - 2:00pm to 3:30pm
  • Finish "calculation to try" and find that the mass accretion is indeed not significant compared with the mass loss from Hawking radiation, thus it is appropriately neglected in the PBH paper
    • Mass loss rate due to Hawking radiation was calculated (using Stephen-Boltzmann-Schwarzchild-Hawking power law) to be of order 10^-1 g/s to 10^-3 g/s, again depending on input parameters (this time just depending on the PBH mass)
    • Therefore, Bondi accretion rate is insignificant next to the mass loss due to Hawking radiation (10^-32 g/s versus 10^-2 g/s on average, respectively, so I'd say a thirty orders of magnitude difference is more than enough to claim the former to be insignificant/negligible)
  • Add this "calculation to try" into end-of-summer paper

July 28th, 2014: Preparing for the Final Week and Start with Data vs. MC

  • Continue working on end-of-summer paper summarizing my completed tasks within the project
  • Begin working on end-of-summer presentation
  • Notice a few minor grammatical errors on the MSU HAWC website (i.e. it says "HAWC?s" instead of HAWC's", or "Milargro?s" instead of "Milargro's", etc.) and proceed to fix these
  • Receive Sam's code that he wrote to compare Data vs. MC using Colas' code, thus begin looking through what he sent to become familiar with this code, and make a plot to test it out
  • Edit code somewhat to add cosmetic features to plots

July 29th, 2014: Data versus Monte Carlo Plots

  • Add additional HV values to the Electronics Configuration page based on the values determined by Dr. Tollefson while on site the past 2 weeks
  • Begin looking at plots, using the code Sam sent yesterday, that compare actual data vs. simulated MC data
  • Change tanks M8 and M9 to tanks L8 and L9 in the Electronics Configuration page
  • Make:
    • Data only 1D plots
    • MC only 1D plots
    • Data vs. MC 1D plots
    • Data 2D plots
    • MC 2D plots
  • Look at the document written by John Pretz, titled Crash Course on Working with HAWC Event Data With a Special Emphasis on Simulation Weighting, that Sam sent (in the email with his code) to maybe learn about the weighting Sam used, since he said he used this document when figuring out the event weighting
  • Email Sam regarding the meanings of some of the variables I am plotting

July 30th, 2014: Drawing Plots and Conclusions

  • Notice that several plots that were once part of the Shift Wizard are no longer on the UMD monitoring website, thus these shift questions were disabled (not yet deleted in case those plots do become available again) and new questions of additional plots were added instead, resulting in there still being 27 Shift Wizard questions
  • Add instructions as to what the shifter should enter into the comment box for the second to last Shift Wizard question
  • Continue adding to end-of-summer paper (including the data vs. MC analysis as well)
  • Meeting with Dr. Tollefson regarding the plots I've been making (and Sam's code) and if I had enough to keep busy for now - 1:45pm to 2:45pm
  • Compare my plots to those made by Colas back in May (results are still the same); for the plots I'm referring to, click here
  • Begin to add plots and relevant discussion into the end-of-summer paper

July 31st, 2014: More Plots, Meetings, and Seminars

  • Generate a few more plots of additional variables that Sam directed me to (by opening a ROOT browser and looking at them in the XCDF trees within the ROOT files)
    • Make plots for rec.dec, rec.ra, rec.logMaxPE. rec.showerAge, rec.planeDec, and rec.planeRa
  • Continue working on end-of-summer presentation
  • Meeting with NSF REU Program Director - 2:30pm
  • BPS Seminar: "Atomic Nuclei and the Fundamental Symmetries of Nature" by Dr. Vladimir Zelevinsky - 3:30pm
  • Sign up for time slot for the REU presentations next week

August 1st, 2014: Working on the Paper and the Presentation

  • Continue working on end-of-summer paper and presentation
  • Meeting with Dr. Tollefson to discuss our papers and presentations - 2:00pm to 3:30pm
  • Meet with my mentor - 3:30pm to 4:30pm
  • Begin editing presentation based on comments from Dr. Tollefson
  • Send copy of paper to Dr. Tollefson for review/editing

August 4th, 2014: Editing the Presentation and Paper

  • Continue working on presentation
  • Receive feedback from Dr. Tollefson regarding paper and thus make changes to/edit paper according to her suggestions and comments
  • Change plots' backgrounds from blue to light green

August 5th, 2014: Finalizing the Presentation and Paper

  • Finish implementing changes to my paper
  • Prepare the presentation for practice run through later in the afternoon
  • Practice my presentation with Dr. Tollefson - 3:30pm

August 6th, 2014: Presentations, Day 1

  • Finalize and print my paper
  • Make additions and touch-ups on my presentation
  • Attend presentations in BPS 1420 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm
  • Talk with Dr. Tollefson regarding talks, her recommendation letter offer, graduate schools, and this summer's experience as a whole
  • Send/hand in my REU paper to Dr. Stump

August 7th, 2014: Presentations, Day 2


August 8th, 2014: Farewell

DEPART FROM MSU - Thank you for the amazing experience, everyone smile
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