-- TolgaYapici - 06 May 2016

Tolga Yapici
  1. DM Analysis
    • Priority: High
    • Possible 5 papers:
      • Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy (as extended) [in preperation, soon]
      • Experiment comparisons [in preperation, soon]
      • Virgo Cluster [analysis stage, possibly in Fall]
      • M31 [analysis stage, possibly in Fall]
      • Galactic Center [early stage, ??]
    • Collaborating with: Jim Linnemann, Kirsten Tollefson, Pat Harding, Andrea Albert, Joe Lundeen
  2. PBH Analysis
    • Priority: High
    • Possible 1 paper
    • Collaborating with: Jim Linnemann, Kirsten Tollefson, Sam Marinelli
  3. Monitoring system [ATHENA+HOMER+ShiftWizard]
    • Priority: High
    • No possible paper
    • Collaborating with: Jim Linnemann, Kirsten Tollefson, Michael Schneider, Ian Wisher, Josh Wood, Jesus Martinez-Castro
  4. MC Improvement
    • Priority: Medium
    • No possible paper, but impact all of the analysis for HAWC
    • Collaborating with: John Pretz, Ahron Barber, Segev Benzvi
  5. Q-ball Analysis
    • Priority: Lowest
    • Possible 1 paper, but almost impossible
    • Collaborating with: Jim Linnemann, Pat Harding
  • Interested in:
    • Axion Search with EBL
    • Possible Dark Matter Candidate searches other than WIMPs (such as Glueballs)
    • FDR, SExtractor, SFind
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