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2/24/2021 * Shivang Patel 2 24 21 Shivang Patel.pdf * Alison Peisker alison_group_meeting_022421.pdf 2/17/2021 * Alison Peisker alison_group_meeting_02172...
Main.JoeHLundeen 21 Jul 2016 2/21/2016 Summary of work done up to this point: * FDR Analysis * Finished Joshua Schroeder's project to make a significance...
Michigan State University Group Members: * Kirsten Tollefson Professor * Jim Linnemann Professor * Tolga Yapici Former Postdoc (now a postdoc at U....
High Energy Crab Analysis Agenda Sam * Make MC plots with new cuts. * Reco vs. true. * Rainbow. * RMS error. * Reco vs. reco. * Re...
* Introduction * Group Members * Event Reconstruction * Event Display * Useful Information For "how to" information and helpful tips * Useful Rea...
Lists of Reading Materials General Information about Cosmics Rays, Gamma Rays and Particle Astrophysics: * A Thin Cosmic Rain * Flash * etc. * White...
Main.BenTamagne 22 Apr 2016 October 17th, 2016 This is an update on my latest 2D hadron rejection optimization results. Compactness__PINCness_1000x1000_bins.pdf T...
ROOT Tutorial July 15, 2016 * SExtractor Doc 1st Draft SExtractor_Progress.txt * Brief Slideshow Comparison Colas_and_SE_Comparison.pptx * Spreadshee...
Main.TolgaYapici 06 May 2016 Tolga Yapici 1 DM Analysis * Priority: High * Possible 5 papers: * Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy (as extended) in...
Main.JoshSchroder 23 Sep 2014 Joshua Schroeder's Page Tasks (2015 2016) Log Entries (2015 2016) October 13, 2015 * Recently I have been working with the F...
Daily Log * May 19, 2015 * May 20, 2015 * May 21, 2015 * May 22, 2015 * May 26, 2015 * May 27, 2015 * May 28, 2015 * June 2, 2015 * Jun...
Weekly goals * Week of June 1st * have pats plots of Pythia 6 working * how pythia8 and root work together * read "Reliability of Monte Carlo...
Career Information: * Career_Talk.pdf: Talk about careers for physicists given by Crystal Bailey of the American Physical Society (APS). It includes info on AP...
Connecting to the Event Display 1 Make sure that the event display is turned on (You should be able to hear a fan running). 1 Connect to the hawcDisplay wir...
Tasks Completed Before Setting Up This Log (Not in order of completion): * Finished A Thin Cosmic Rain (9/23/2014) * Signed into GTC computer and changed pa...
* .yaml file Tolga wanted me to work on
* Readings Tolga sent me * http://private.hawc * http://private.hawc
* Helped Tolga move event display to Kirsten's room * Continued working on Homework 1 * Worked on extra project given to me by Tolga * Group meeting
* Began working on Homework 1 * Readings on muon tagging: * Josh_muon_study_pachuca.pdf: Josh_muon_study_pachuca.pdf * Muon_peak_stability_umd.pd...
* Finished ROOT Tutorial * Attended Dr Stump's lecture on QCD * HAWC info meeting with Kirsten
* ROOT tutorial
* ROOT Tutorial * Group research meeting
* Worked on ROOT tutorial * Attended Dr Stump's lecture on QED
* Worked mainly on ROOT tutorial * Attended Dr Sehkar Chivukula's seminar on the Higgs Boson
* Homework list * Worked on Homework 0 * ROOT tutorial
* Stayed home because I wasn't feeling well
* Researched information on muon tagging
* Emailed Andy with Maryland cluster login issue * Root Tutorial
Contacted Andrew Smith about setting up an account for the cluster. Haven't heard back yet.
* Helped Tolga fix the event display * Finished reading "Construction of the HAWC Gamma Ray Observatory"
* Read and took notes on "Sensitivity of the high altitude water Cherenkov detector to sources of mulit TeV gamma rays" *
Installed ROOT and began looking over homeworks
HV Measurements Once you are at the Admin Page (button at bottom right) of the University of Maryland's (UMD's) HAWCmon website, and you have selected "Measuremen...
Questions: 1 Does the Standard Model predict all force carrying particles should be massless? 1 Why was there no light present in the Universe until ~380,000 ...
Week 1: Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: Week 5: \x95 June 2nd, 2014 ....... \x95 June 9th, 2014 \x95 June 16th, 2014 ....... \x95 June 23rd, 2014 ....... \x95 June 30t...
How to Edit the MSU HAWC Website * Accessing MSU HAWC Website Files * Editing the MSU HAWC Website Files * Uploading Documents Adding Links to the MSU ...
Adding Information to the Connectivity Database The Connectivity Database tables can be found from the HAWCmon website under, starting from the Dashboard, the "Co...
Helpful Information Regarding How To: * Edit the HAWC Shift Wizard * Edit the MSU HAWC website * Edit HAWCmon Measurement Types * HV Measurements ...
How to Learn AERIE Coming soon
How to Learn ROOT Is ROOT a computer language? No. Here are some examples of computer languages. What is ROOT? ROOT is an object oriented framework (also desc...
How to Edit HAWCmon Measurement Types To change any information regarding the Measurement Types (such as the Type id, Measurement name, Type, Data type, Units, Se...
How to Edit HAWCmon Measurement Types To change any information regarding the Measurement Types (such as the Type id, Measurement name, Type, Data type, Units, Se...
How to Edit the HAWCmon Shift Wizard There are 2 HAWCmon (HAWC monitoring) websites. Both websites are private, so a username and password are required to access ...
Event reconstruction is the process of taking triggered data and reconstructing various properties of the events, such as core location, zenith and azimuth angles...
HAWC Web Preferences Appearance * Set WEBBGCOLOR = #efefef * web specific background color, current color * Set SITEMAPLIST = on * set to off...
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