FDR Analysis

Data and Tools used

Data is at $HAWCROOT/maps/maps-20150604-aligned (this path will be called $PATH). README file states:
   * These maps are made with 1486 days of HAWC-250 data, r2.01.01, with bins 1 to 9 optimized on the Crab by Paco. Bin 0 is not optimized.
   * The map has been aligned using the Crab location per calibration epoch based on the work by the FearTheKitten team.
   * GHW are tuned to the SNR at the Crab location.
   * The PSF used for smoothing corresponds to the one obtained using expectation.py with the simulation file $HAWCROOT/sim/reco/aerie_svn_25030/aerie_HAWC-250-qe0.56_10kHz/sweets/2.63_3.45e-11_1000000_20_1.0/succeeded/2.63_3.45e-11_1000000_20_1.0_combined_rec.root with an extra smearing of 0.3 degree.

The codes used are at http://private.hawc-observatory.org/svn/hawc/sandbox/tyapici/FDR and can be checked out via svn. There are three main scripts written by Tolga Yapici; other scripts/codes exist in AERIE.
  • getHistogramData.py: Script reads the fits files and gets the histogram for galactic plane (define in ???) and off-galactic plane. User needs to define two arguments.
    • --inputs INPUT_FITS_FILE
    • --output FILENAME
  • processHistogramData.py: Script read the file generated by getHistogramData.pyand calculates sigma values for a set of q values. User needs to define two arguments. The output filename will be automatically generated using the input filename.
    • --conservative [0/1]
  • drawHistogram.py:

All Skymap

The maps were generated with the commands below:

plotMollweide.py $PATH/SignifMaps/signif_hawc_111_250.fits.gz --milagro -m 0 [-c G]

All Sky map using HAWC 111+250 dataAll Sky map using HAWC 111+250 data in Galactic Coordinates

Following Hao's definition of Inner Galactic Plane , the map is separated into two regions:
  Longitutde Latitude
Galactic Plane [GP] 15-50\xB0 \xB1 4\xB0
Off Galactic Plane [OGP] elsewhere  


Finding the cuts

The detailed map of the GP was generated with the command below:

plotMercator.py $PATH/SignifMaps/signif_hawc_111_250.fits.gz --origin 32.5 0 35 8 -c G --milagro --dpar 1 --dmer 5 -m 0
The same function can be used with

The result is shown in the following figure.

Galactic Plane map using HAWC 111+250 data

The significance values were then extracted from the maps and put into a histogram.


On the plots, three of the significance cuts value corresponding to different q-values are plotted. Similar histograms are done for the Off Galactic Plane (shown below).


The significance cuts values for other q-values are tabulated below:

  conservative c(m) non-conservative c(m)
q significance
0.5 4.14 2.10 2.80 0.45
0.1 4.48 2.80 3.80 1.75
0.05 4.65 3.04 3.97 2.10
0.01 4.98 3.51 4.48 2.75
0.001 5.49 4.16 4.98 3.51
0.0001 5.99 4.69 5.49 4.10
1e-05 6.32 5.15 5.82 4.69

Hot-spots with cuts

-- TolgaYapici - 11 Jun 2015
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