-- KendallMahn - 03 Nov 2014

Getting started on T2K:

T2K /IceCube desks are in 4226/4230
  • Request keys from Janice Ridenour, KM signs
Kendall Mahn needs your MSU account, then can request:
  • iCER/HPCC account
    • Access to T2K group area
  • t2k.org (T2Kexperiment's internal webpages) access
    • Requires first, family names, institution (MSU), USA, position (student/postdoc etc), month and year joined T2K, Job title (graduate student, PhD or MA, etc) and completed PhD (yes/no)
  • Account for this wiki
  • PA email account (if needed) and local PA cluster account through George Perkins (local IT support)
Please request:
  • Extra space on HPCC (request 1TB for home area for free)
  • Ask for the conventional T2K password

T2K software:
  • CVS pages: username: either t2kuser or nd280user, depending on if it is repo t2k or repo 280.
  • ND280 workbook username: nd280user, <usual T2K pwd>
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