After discovering that CERNLIB and NEUT require your partition to be case-sensitive, and then much to your surprise, discovering that the Journaled file system on OSX is NOT by default case-sensitive, you may be inclined to create a second case-sensitive partition on your hard drive.

Seriously, Don't

At this point, you can successfully untar the packages!
Assuming of course that you have downloaded wget, or modified the installation instructions on the T2K page for curl. Unfortunately now you learn that CERNLIB's install files expect that your system is built using GNU utility functions like grep and sed. This is unfortunate because OSX is built off of the BSD versions of these tools, and they behave slightly differently. Here you might be inclined to do one of two things:
  1. Hack the Install scripts so they are compliant with BSD tools
  2. Install the GNU tools and put them earlier in $PATH

Seriously, Don't do either

In either case you will soon discover that CERNLIB ships with a collection of configuation files for imake. A collection that has not been updated since 2005, and has no knowledge that "DARWIN" is a legitimate response to `uname -s`. You can google for patches, which do exist, or attempt to hack in the configuration from your current imake version, which you installed under the faulty assumption that anything you do will work.

Why are you still holding out hope?

After enjoying the momentary success of seeing a MAKEFILE generated that is not total garbage, you will be heartbroken to learn that you still cannot make the first dependency of CERNLIB, due to the way a certain C macro "memmore" is compiled on OSX which is incompatable with the way it is used in kuipc.

So what should I do?

Install virtualbox.

But not the version from homebrew if you have a recent computer because it won't work. You'll need the latest test branch.

Pick a flavor of linux and go from there.

JP provided information on how to install CERNLIB to ArchLinux, because even there it is non-trivial.

-- MattDunkman - 25 Aug 2015
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