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T2K Research Space

The T2K research space on the HPCC is located at /mnt/research/T2K and is the shared group directory among the MSU T2K group. This is where all the T2K / ND280 software, monte carlo files, flux files, etc. are located. This page will mainly serve to provide information on the group software and scripts that are available for use, and any general information pertaining to the group space.

First, this should go without saying but, remember to respect other members files and data. We all share the space so be careful when messing around with the file system. Related is that we all share the disk space which means we all share the quota of disk space the HPCC provides for us. If the quota is full, then everyone will have issues trying to save new files / data to the group space.


The T2K research space has a simple organization starting with the base directory at /mnt/research/T2K, there you will find a number of directories where everything can be acessed.
  • /flux - Contains T2K flux files
  • /nd280Software - Contains all relavent nd280 analysis software
  • /oaAnalysisFiles - Contains oaAnaylsis files, currently containing half NEUT and half GENIE monte carlo
  • /RPA - Contains analysis code for Random Phase Approximation work
  • /usr - Contains the files for extra programs, libraries, etc.


The HPCC provides many programs, executables, libraries, etc. already for use, however in some situations we need extra software to be installed. Group software that does not fit into a physics category is placed in to the /usr directory in the base directory. For example, both the dccp and iRODS software reside in the /usr directory. To use this directory and it's programs you need to add some extra directories to your $PATH, namely /usr/bin and /usr/scripts.

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