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  • To be a T2K collaborator, and thus attain authorship on T2K publications, you are required to take shifts as a ND280 DAQ operator.
    • A total of approximately 11.3 shifts every 2 Japanese Fiscal Years (JFY) is required. These can be completed as 12 shifts in one year of a 2-year cycle, or as 6 shifts each year.
  • ND280 Detector Expert (TPC) shifts are also available. These aren't required, but they do allow you to be given priority and sign up early for the DAQ shifts.

How to Sign Up

0. Sign up for the following mailing lists: t2k-nd280, t2k-xsec, t2k-xsec-software, nd280-tpc to receive information about upcoming shifts (i.e. when to sign up).

1. Change your member settings to be qualified for "ND280 DAQ" and "TPC A" shifts.

2. Read the shift instructions and shift scheduler guide.

3. Navigate to the scheduler system.

Note: Here, you can sign up for both ND280 (DAQ) and ND280 Detector Expert (TPC) Shifts by clicking on the drop down box.

4. Choose the correct shift, for a specific month and year.

5. Select a specific block of shifts, then hit save.

Note: If it is greater than 2 weeks away from the start of shift, you must pick a whole 7-day block. If a shift is within 2 weeks, you can choose a subset of the 7-day block.

Note: Once you sign up for a block, you are stuck with that block, so choose wisely.

Shift Summary - Includes information about how many shifts have been completed, and whether various quotas have been met.

Authorship Requirements
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