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How to Get Access to the Grid

The Grid is where large, ATLAS MC and data files are located. To use them, you need to download them to a local machine (there is a separate wiki page on how to download things from the grid).

You need to renew your grid certificate once a year. You should receive email notifications maybe once a week from a month before expiration on. These emails will contain a link to the page to renew the grid certificate, as well as to a FAQ page. Some notes follow. There are two options. You can renew or generate a new certificate. For a new certificate-

To renew, click the replacement certificate button on the link given to you.

  • Keep in mind that you need to renew from the same browser your certificate was issued from (i.e. it needs to be stored in the browser you are using- I have had problems with loss of these certificates when the browser gets updated.)

For new users:

Here is a pretty good step by step description on what you have to do:


After applying for a grid certificate you have to become a member of the ATLAS virtual organization (VO):


In order to install your certificate (once you received it by email) go to:


For information on using the grid, or for more tips on getting grid access, see the page on the msu website here: http://www.pa.msu.edu/hep/atlas/index.php?p=grid. You can also look at the TWiki page DataFromGrid for more advanced information on retrieving files from the grid.

-- JennyHolzbauer - 13 Jul 2009, -- SarahHeim - 23 Jul 2009

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