Difference: MacOSXX11 (r8 vs. r7)


My Setup

Start X11 at Login Add X11 to the programs that start automatically when you login. System Preferences -> Accounts -> Login Items

Make your own xinitrc to eliminate the xterm that is started by the system xinitrc...

Copy system xinitrc to your home area, fix permissions, and edit it...

cd ~
cp /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc .xinitrc
chmod 664  .xinitrc
emacs .xinitrc

Set DISPLAY var in terminals When you use xterm, the DISPLAY variable is automatically set, but many people prefer using the terminal program.

Snippet of ~/.profile (note that BASH runs only the first found (in this order) of ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bash_login or ~/.profile ).

# set DISPLAY if not set, don't do if SSH_TTY is set
if [ -z $DISPLAY ] && [ -z $SSH_TTY ]; then
  export DISPLAY=":0.0"

-- TomRockwell - 01 Jun 2007

bash-invocation.txttxtbash-invocation.txtmanage 4.6 K 01 Jun 2007 - 17:50TomRockwell Invocation section of the BASH man page

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