Difference: UseMathematica (r3 vs. r2)

Using Mathematica

Mathematica is available on a few of the cluster machines: lepton, sasha, ht16, ht17, ht18 ht18, ht19 and ht19. sasha. (Check the file /opt/mathematica/5.0/Configuration/Licensing/mathpass /opt/mathematica/5.2/Configuration/Licensing/mathpass for updates.) You can run Mathematica over X11, so you don't actually have to be sitting one of these nodes to use Mathematica.

The license only allows a single user to run Mathematica at once one time on a node. If somebody is already running Mathematica, you'll get a "License Expired" error message.

To start Mathematica, give the command:


-- TomRockwell - 01 Aug 2006

mathematica-license-error.pngpngmathematica-license-error.pngmanage 6.9 K 01 Aug 2006 - 19:54TomRockwell Pop-up shown when another user is running Mathematica already

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