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3-Site Model


Here we give a short introduction to the 3-Site Model... For more information, refer to the following:
  • Phys.Rev.D74:075011,2006 A Three Site Model
    • Chivukula, Coleppa, Di Chiara, Simmons , He, Kurachi , Tanabashi
  • arXiv:0708.2588 LHC Signatures of New Gauge Bosons in Minimal Higgsless Model
    • He, Kuang, Qi, Zhang, Belyaev, Chivukula, Christensen, Pukhov, Simmons

Model Implementations

Collider Phenomenology

  • Tevatron Phenomenology
  • LHC Phenomenology
  • ILC Phenomenology

Work in progress

Work in progress (Password protected) key

ThreeSiteModel Web Utilities

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