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-- TomasCap - 25 Aug 2017 This is my logbook
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  • Train other BDT.

Week 1

  • Make an analysis between Training data vs. Verification data.
  • Create a code that can make Crab map using different months of the year.
  • Using the NN that was trained with MC data, Significance maps were done with data of 2015 and 2017.

Goal from September 11th to 15th

  • Compare the variable between Training data set vs. Testing data set in oder to look for which variable use as input of the machine learning.
  • Train a NN and BDT, using MC as signal and real data as Bkg.


  • Crab maps in the Bin 0 using NN (with 15 inputs) that was trained with MC data.
  • A NN and simple BDT was trained with 10 inputs: Compactness, rec.PINCness, rec.planeChi2, rec.SFCFChi2, rec.logNPE, rec.CxPE40SPTime, rec.LDFAge, rec.LDFAmp, rec.LDFChi2 and rec.disMax
  • Make some Crab maps to check if the NN or BDT has a good performance.
  • In the comparation of Training and verification data. On one hand we compara Bkg vs. Bkg, we need to exclude the data around the crab nebula, and the other hand, the data around the crab nebula are used to compare with signal (MC)

Goal from September 18 to 22

  • Doing an analysis in order to choose which variables will be used to G/H sep
  • Train a NN and BDT.

Week 3

  • Slide of the compare Training and verification data. Result of a NN and BDT trained: 09/19/2017
  • Make a faster analysis between Training data vs. Verification data.
  • With the NN trained with MC data, Significance maps were done with data of 2015 and 2017. *

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="BringingToTheTable.pdf" attr="" comment="What things I did about gamma/hadron separation using neural network" date="1503696663" name="BringingToTheTable.pdf" path="BringingToTheTable.pdf" size="1126732" user="TomasCap" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="20170818_ChooseFeatures.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1503698764" name="20170818_ChooseFeatures.pdf" path="20170818_ChooseFeatures.pdf" size="2632027" user="TomasCap" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="20170905BDT.pdf" attr="" comment="The first results using Boost Decision Tree" date="1504626635" name="20170905BDT.pdf" path="20170905BDT.pdf" size="3159920" user="TomasCap" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="20170912_MapsBin0And1.pdf" attr="" comment="Maps of the Crab nebula in Bin 0 and 1. Compare the maps of Standartd cut vs NN that was trained using MC data" date="1505768932" name="20170912_MapsBin0And1.pdf" path="20170912_MapsBin0And1.pdf" size="1855141" user="TomasCap" version="1"
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