Accessing Documents at CERN

At CERN, there is a document server that allows you to access COM, INT and PUB notes. Notes are given designations like ATL-COM-PHYS-2009-XXX, where XXX is a number that increases as the year goes on. ATL refers to ATLAS, COM means it is a COM note, PHYS means it is in the physics note catagory, 2009 is the year, and XXX is a number specific to the note. This document server also contains papers other than ATLAS notes, including papers published in physics journals.

A COM note is unreviewed and not public. An INT note has been reviewed, but not yet approved for the public. A PUB note has been reviewed, presented at a conference, and approved for public release. CONF or PROC refers to something that was presented at a conference. I think that PROC means that it has been released for public viewing.

Also, if you are on the atlas-gen mailing list, a list of newly submitted notes will be sent to you once a week, along with links to the notes.

Some example documents:
  • ATL-COM-CONF-2008-009 "Single-top Cross Section Measurements at Atlas : Proceedings for Poster given at ICHEP08"
  • ATL-COM-PHYS-2008-079 "Prospect for single top cross section measurements in ATLAS" (long CSC note)
  • ATL-COM-PHYS-2009-177 "Multivariate Analysis of Single-Top Monte Carlo for Early ATLAS Data"

-- JennyHolzbauer - 09 Jul 2009
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