Common File locations at MSU and CERN

There are several different files that are used commonly throughout the group. First, there are the files from the grid, which are stored at MSU and at CERN. These files may contain a truth tree, fastsim tree, and an event tree. The events that are in the event tree have gone through recontruction, including some basic selection at that level. Second, there are files that have been generated from chains of these files, and contain information in histograms. These are root files, and are identified by the type of cut selection applied. Also associated with this file is a skim file, which contains the trees that we would get from the files from the grid, but these trees are smalller, since the preselection cuts have been applied. There is also a skimNN file, which contains a tree of special variables for use in the Neutral Network. At this time, this tree and it's variables are written to file, but the code for the variables is not finalized.

Files from Grid:


  • 1214, ttbar and wbb: /rooms/living/ntuples/single_top/csc/TopView1214
  • 1214, signal and w+jets: /rooms/home/ntuples/single_top/csc/TopView1214
  • Other versions: /rooms/home/ntuples/single_top/csc


  • 1214:
  • Other versions:
Note: the 5200 file has been seperated into a sample containing only lepton+jets events and a sample containing only dilepton events. These files can be found in the above locations, in folders of the form 005200*_seperated.

ROOT Histogram files (MC and after-preselection RECO):


  • 1213: /work/hx6/atlas/singletop/initialanalysis/1213/rootfiles

Skim Files (ROOT trees after preselection):


  • 1213: /work/hx6/atlas/singletop/initialanalysis/1213/skimfiles

NNFiles (specialized ROOT tree variables):


  • 1213: /work/hx6/atlas/singletop/initialanalysis/1213/skimNNfiles

Log files for the above, include cut efficiencies and numbers of events passing each cut:


  • 1213: /work/hx6/atlas/singletop/initialanalysis/1213/logfiles

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