Histomaker Program: Documentation of roottuple tree variables

Purpose of program:

  • Input two roottuples, plot variables for a user-specified tree, comparing variable values from the two roottuples
  • Save resulting histograms, once as .gif and once as .eps in a user-specified output directory
  • Create an index.html file to publish the histograms online

Finding Histomaker:

  • The program is stored in two locations.
  • On cern webspace, /work/dab/dlarese/public/macros/histomaker.C
  • On MSU webspace, /home/wwwatlas/AtlasAnalysis/macros/histomaker.C

How to Run Histomaker:

  • Load the program from root: root -> .L _appropriate path_/histomaker.C
  • Call the function histomaker. The user must specify 6 function parameters:
  • dataname1: Location of the first roottuple
  • dataname2: Location of the second roottuple
  • anytree: Name of the tree to be histogrammed. Must be either Truth0, FullReco0, FastSim0, or Trigger0.
  • path: Location of output directory. Do not include '/' at the end: for example, "/home/wwwatlas/AtlasAnalysis/1212vs1213/5200/Truth0"
  • version1: Version and type of the first roottuple. For example, for a TopView1212 005200 Jimmyv, use "1212/5200"
  • version2: Version and type of the second roottuple. For example, for a TopView1213 005200 Jimmyv, use "1213/5200"

Example of Running Histomaker:

  • General form: root-> histomaker(dataname1,dataname2,anytree,path,version1,version2)
  • Specific example: root->histomaker("/ntuples/TopView1212/file.root","/ntuples/TopView1213/file.root","Truth0","/home/wwwatlas/AtlasAnalysis/1212vs1213/5200/Truth0","1212/5200","1213/5200")


  • [[some link here][HistomakerTrouble]


-- DanielleLarese - 18 Jul 2007

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