Jet Multiplicity at NLO

For this study, MCFM was used with the CTEQ6M PDF set. Jets are defined by a cone algorithm with a cone size of 0.4. Jets are required to have a transverse momentum of at least 20GeV. The resulting jet multiplicity is shown below. njets.png

The next plot shows the jet multiplicity distribution as well, but this time after requiring the event to pass analysis cuts. In particular, the events is required to have a lepton with pT>20GeV, MET>20GeV, and two jets each with pT>20GeV. njets_aftercuts.png

The figures below show the pT and pseudorapidity distributions for the additional jet in the 3-jet events.
  • t-channel NLO, third jet eta distribution:
  • t-channel NLO, third jet pT distribution:

-- ReinhardSchwienhorst - 12 Apr 2007

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