Variables from the SingleTop D3PDs for Multivariate Analysis

0. Introduction

This is an overview of the variables contained in MVATree, in the SingleTopRootAnalysis package. There are a few variables that are not the same across all of the trees (we look at the variables in the SgTop trees, PreTag and Tag versions), and for now these are put under Other Not for Signal Isolation Use. These variables are often different just by lepton type, so it may be that you will want to use them in a specific lepton channel analysis. In this case the branches in AnalysisMain will need to be reenabled.

The variables are listed here below. Explainations will be added eventually to all of them, although some are quite similar and in this case an example is explained. The name given is the name in the tree as of the Oct10v2 version of the ntuples.

1. Channel (Integer) Quantities

  • AllJetsNumber: This is the number of selected jets in the event (an example jet selection is pt > 20 GeV).
  • TaggedJetsNumber: This is the number of selected b-tagged jets in the event
  • UntaggedJetsNumber: This is the number of selected un-tagged jets in the event
  • Lepton_charge: This is the lepton charge, often used with the pdgid
  • Lepton_pdgid: The PDG ID, 11 for electrons and 13 for muons

2. Jet Kinematics

3. Lepton Kinematics

4. Cosines

5. DeltaR, DeltaPt, DeltaPhi

6. TopJet

7. Invariant Mass

8. Reconstructed W

9. Sum of Momentum (H)

10. Sum of Transverse Momentum (Ht)

11. Others

12. Others Not for Signal Isolation Use

-- JennyHolzbauer - 18 Oct 2010

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