disk image based


mkdir -p tmp/mnt
gunzip -c /boot/initrd-whatever > initrd-whatever
mount -o loop initrd-whatever mnt

umount mnt
gzip -9 initrd-whatever
mv initrd-whatever.gz initrd-whatever

cpio based

Redhatish systems (guess this is for RHEL5+?) now use cpio for building the initrd files. To unpack one do:

# mkdir tmp
# cd tmp
# cp /boot/initrd-whatever .
# gunzip < initrd-whatever > initrd.cpio
# cpio --list < initrd.cpio
# cpio --extract < initrd.cpio


mkdir tmp; cd tmp
gunzip -c /boot/initrd-whatever | cpio -idv

-- TomRockwell - 17 Oct 2006

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