Getting Started on the High Energy Physics Computing Cluster

Welcome to the MSU HEP department! This Foswiki page will help you request any necessary computer accounts and get acquainted with *nix working environments.

1. Requesting computer accounts

In order to access any of the computing resources in the HEP department you need (at a minimum) an account on the HEPComputingCluster. To obtain an account you must have your supervisor email the cluster administrator George Perkins with the following information:
  • your first and last name,
  • your office number (or where you can be found), and
  • your preferred username.

Note for ATLAS members:
If you will be using the Tier3 it is best to request an account on that system at the same time. You must have a tenured MSU ATLAS faculty member email both the cluster administrator George Perkins and the Tier3 administrator Richard Drake with the above information. See also NewTier3Users.

2. Changing your password

Once your account has been created you will be given a temporary password. This password should be changed immediately. Log in to one of the HEPComputingCluster machines using the temporary password. Once you are logged in, open a terminal and type 'kpasswd'. You will be prompted to enter the current password and a new password. It will ask you to confirm the new password once.

Remember, your password should be difficult to guess but easy for you to remember. Some guidelines for creating a strong password are listed below.
  • between 10-14 characters
  • contain at least 3 of the following character classes
    • lowercase letters [a-z]
    • uppercase letters [A-Z]
    • numeric [0-9]
    • all other characters
  • contains no common words
  • has not been used previously

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