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October 27th 2014- Getting Acquainted

November 18

  • After having trouble dool booting linux i have decieded to use a virtual macheine software to launch linux
  • I have downloaded and am able to succesfull access linux now

Dual booting Linux with windows 8

  • In order to use pythia I am going to dual boot ubuntu on to my computer. I have followed the instructions from this website
  • In order to do this you need 2 usbs, (I used 16 gb to make sure i had enough space) and an external hard drive (you really just need anything that will back up your personal files)
  • The main steps that I took were
    • create a recovery drive with one of the usbs
    • back up all personal files onto an external hard drive
    • Install ubuntu from their website
    • Install the driver that will put ubuntu on too the 2nd usb
    • turn off fast boot option
    • turn off secure boot, for help see

Running and compiling fortran code

Pythia 8

  • In order to run a file type( from the worksheet file, can be found on the pythia website)
    • make mainNN
    • ./mainNN.exe > mainNN.out


for the linux cluster use
  • TBrowser b to open a browser
  • TFile myfile("filename")

Installing root

    • went to the root website and went to downloads tab and clicked patches v5-34-00. Downloaded the source link* after downloading the source link and extracting the files run "./configure" and install any needed required packages, use the website for assistance
    • After you run configure after installing necessary packages. run "make" in the terminal and then run "make install"
Plotting functions
  • TF2 f1("func1",thefunction,xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax)
  • then next line type f2.Draw() use "surf1" for a surface plot
Plotting Histograms
  • TH1D h1("rootname",title,#ofbins,binmin,binmax)
    • This creats an empty histogram, we must fill it
    • h1 is the c++ name and hist1 is the root name
    • use h1.FillRandom("gauss",10000) to fill it with 10000 points of data fraom the functions "guass"
  • TF1 myfunc("myfunc",
  • hist1 is the root name of this histogram
  • h1.GetBinWidth(0) to get the bin width
  • TF1 myfunc("myfunc","gaus",0,3)
    • myfunc.SetParameters(10.,1.0,0.5) to set P0,P1,P2 the parameters of the gaussian function "Constant" "Mean and "sigma"
  • TH1D *hist1 = new TH1D ("h1","a histogram",100,-3,3)
  • this creates a pointer
Plotting N-tuples/trees
  • tree1->Scan() runs like 25 events
  • tree1->Print() it displays the names of the variables and the size of the tree
  • tree1->Draw("variableyouwant") makes a histogram for a variable in the tree

Breaking Homer

    • HW scalers tab
      • If you click anywhere on the color changing key on the right or one of the 4 example circles labeled 0,20,40,60 then you need to refresh the page in order to click on anything else.
      • If you click on the tank and not the dots in the tank then you need to refresh in order to click on anything else
      • when hovering over a tank it displays the last time updated but not the range in time the graph displays. maybe add the range and make the graph bigger if your hovering over, it is hard to read unless i click it to go to the expanded page
      • Once you click on a dot and the graph displays it is kind of small so a zoom option would be usefull
    • GTC Status tab
      • scrolling the graph from left to right is a little glitchy
      • it seems like the y range is too high, all the points look like a line at the bottom, so maybe a zoom option or an ability to adjust the range
      • being able to select the range in time that is displayed may be helpfull as well
    • EMS Monitoring tab
      • when hovering over the graphs the bubble of information doesnt always display what the crusor is on, sometimes it is off by ~inch
      • I tried to scroll left and right like i did for the GTC tab but it actually zoomed me in
      • If you click plot with out a start date, an end state or either then no plots appear
      • if you make the start and end date the same then a plot still appears but there is nothing on the plot
      • I think it would be useful to seperate the zoom and scroll so you could zoom in multiple times and still be able to scroll left and right
    • Lighting Monitoring tab
      • The start date and end date have the same problems as before.
      • im trying to drag the image to my desktop to save it but i keep zooming/scrolling on the graph
    • Computer Status tab
      • MY comments for this page are the same for the previous tabs regarding the start/end date and the scroll/zoom feature. Also still trouble trying to drag it instead of zooming/scrolling
      • For the bottom graph i clicked on a colored square in the key and instead of highlighting that color in the graph it removed that color.
    • Network Monitoring
      • same comments on zoom/scroll and draging to save
      • while i was clicking around on the bottom 2 graphs, i was able to drag each of them too the side and delete them from the page. I was only able to do it twice and i cant figure out how i did it haha.
    • HV monitoring
      • Draging the image off the screen does not save or do anything.
    • LV monitoring
      • the graphs on the right are getting cut off the screen so you cant see them all *
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