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List of Foswiki users Below is a list of users with accounts. If you want to edit topics or see protected areas of the site then you can get added to the list by registering ...
Report for Bulk Register Registering CarlosBuxovazquez * CarlosBuxovazquez has been added to the password and user mapping managers * Writing topic Main.CarlosBuxovazquez ...
Main.TomasCap 25 Aug 2017 This is my logbook August Week 1 * Check in at MSU office. * Get the Spartan card. It helps me to access building and office. ...
Main.TomasCap 05 Sep 2017 Events The files that are used for training and verification is in the directory: * Signal: /data/scratch/userspace/pretz/scrappy platypus ...
Main.TomasCap 25 Aug 2017 Here I'll put the presentation for MSU Meeting Look for the best variable using MC * An analysis was done in order to seen which variables ...
Brief description of the work We will do an analysis to make an method to distinguishing gamma ray and cosmic ray with data from the HAWC observatory using Machine ...
Main.TolgaYapici 10 Jan 2017 * Objective: 1 Optimize cuts with current available parameters 1 Define new cuts with new parameters
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How to add the first administrator If you haven't previously set up an administrator, follow these steps: * Note: This help text will disappear once you have added ...
* Name: Chip Brock * Email: brock #64;pa.msu.edu * Company Name: * Company URL: * Country: USA * Comment: My Links * .WelcomeGuest to learn TWiki ...
Main.JoeHLundeen 21 Jul 2016 July 21, 2016 This is a mid summer update on the work I've done so far. I have done a fair bit of work on FDR analysis of the TeVCat sources ...
BenTamagne * C1_b1_bin_analysis.pdf: ROC Q curves of C1_b1 variable bins 3 7
Axions Basics Manifestation Extra galactic Background Light Neutron Stars Main.TolgaYapici 02 Oct 2015
* Add all the links form HAWCmon / shifters, access request * All Plots: 3 days, shade day/night * Current Mexican time in addition to UTC * Webcams: ...
ATHENA HOMER Main.TolgaYapici 18 Jun 2015
PBH Analysis ICRC Proceedings * ICRC proceedings version 1 Main.TolgaYapici 18 Jun 2015
Shift Wizard General Information Configuration Files Webpage configuration Editing webpage configuration Questions configuration Editing Questions Main.TolgaYapici ...
FDR Analysis Data and Tools used Data is at $HAWCROOT/maps/maps 20150604 aligned (this path will be called $PATH). README file states: * These maps are made with ...
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