Resummed transverse momentum distributions

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On this website, you can plot transverse momentum distributions for cross sections of several particle reactions. Currently, the following processes are implemented (p\(   \) corresponds both to protons and antiprotons):

  • Massive vector boson production: \( pp\rightarrow W^{\pm }X \), \( pp\rightarrow Z^{0}X \)
  • Photon pair production: \( pp\rightarrow \gamma \gamma X \)
  • \( Z \)-boson pair production: \( pp\rightarrow Z^{0}Z^{0}X \)
  • SM Higgs boson production \( pp\rightarrow H^{0}X \)
The output figure shows distributions \( d\sigma /dQ^{2}dydq_{T  } \) for the production of on-shell particles (or pairs of on-shell particles in the case of the \( \gamma \gamma \) and ZZ\(   \) production) with specified invariant mass \( Q  \), rapidity \( y  \) and transverse momentum \( q_{T} \) in the lab frame (the center-of-mass frame of the hadron beams). You can plot resummed, fixed-order and asymptotic cross sections. For a short explanation of these quantities, visit this page (for a detailed explanation see, for instance, a paper by J.C. Collins, D.E. Soper and G. Sterman in Nucl. Phys. B250, 199 (1985)).

Explanation of the output

Please note that this website is not designed for long and CPU-consuming studies. Instead, the main goal of this website is to illustrate basic features of the b-space resummation formalism.

Note that many cross sections for the decaying final-state particles at multiple values of \( Q \) and \( y \) are already calculated; they can be downloaded as grid files from our Internet portal on transverse momentum resummation. The ResBos family of Monte-Carlo programs are designed to read in the grid files with the cross sections, interpolate and integrate them to produce various differential distributions. 

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